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File vari
icon-48-downloads RepeaterReader.jar (362 download) Java program: Repeater Reader by DO1JG
icon-48-downloads (335 download) Zone Manager V. 2
icon-48-downloads (279 download) Contact Manager V. 123
icon-48-downloads teamviewer-host_11.0.63329_armhf.deb (156 download) Team Viewer for Raspberry (beta)  – Debian Archive
icon-48-downloads TyMD380Toolz.apk (445 download) TyMD380ToolZ App for Android phone, to download and program, latest firmware by kg5rk, for MD380/390 RT3/8. Use an OTG adapter cable.
icon-48-downloads UserGuide_ToolZ_APP_Android_ENG.pdf (234 download) Tutorial by iv3nfc, for the TyMD380TooiZ.apk
icon-48-downloads (311 download) Original firmware, for all TyT models
icon-48-downloads (323 download) Decode digital mode, new version 2.71 for SDRSharp or similar
icon-48-downloads (515 download) Plugin for SDRSharp, to decode Tetra digital mode.  Info to Install, README.TXT
icon-48-downloads (187 download) Tytera Flash Tool v1.04a – KD4Z
icon-48-downloads (67 download) CSV Manager V1.2 for Retevis dmr rtx