Link Utili

Link Utili

In questa pagina, inserisco dei link che reputo utili a noi OM …

 icona_link Richiesta registrazione ID DMR
 icona_link Area Raspberry image of MMDVM by UTAH Team.
icona_link Area Odroid and Raspberry image of MMDVM by VK4TUX.
icona_link Current VHF Propagation Map
icona_link Download D-Star iso image Raspberry
icona_link GitHub di Jonathan G4KLX
icona_link Gruppo Yahoo MMDVM
icona_link Firmware repository di Travis, KK4VCZ già compilati per md380 o rt3 a cura di Rudy, PD0ZRY.


icona_link Mappa interattiva ripetitori radioamatoriali KB5RAB’s Raspberry MMDVM image All DMR Repeater Programmi per radioamatori su Raspberry (IZ0KBA) Sito ricco di info per il DMR dBm Converter S-UNIT DISCUSSIONS

Amidon IRON POWDER TOROIDAL CORES Modifications for Retevis RT3 / Tytera MD-380 (?) –  DL4YHF Area Download Tytera

Handcrafted MMDVM Adapter, by Florian Wolters Small Transmitting Loop Antenna Calculator HB9CV Antenna Calculator MD380Tools by DL2MF DV MEGA Downloads Site MW0MWZ / pi-star image download Radio Mobile Online FTP site – PDF Projects for Amateur Radio Manual of old Motorola two-way radio equipment, by Robert WA1MIK
Electronics Magazines English and Italian – Electronics Magazines Page Digital Contacts Wizard, to change or edit your DMR ID contact info. All ham radio repeaters and beacons
MMDVM_pog PDF Scheme of MMDVM Board, (SQ6POG’s Concept) APRS Direct – Online Real-time APRS Map

Pagina sempre in fase di ampliamento …